65-year-old woman dies after being #gang- #raped in #India


19 January 2015, Varanasi, UP

A 65 year old widow who lived alone died due to excessive blood loss, after she was gang raped by four men, who also sexually tortured her by inserting various objects into her private parts.


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My Little Takedown of Christina Hoff Sommers


[Guest blogger HJ Hornbeck, here!This originally started off as a reply to someones’ comment, but it’s been greatly expanded and stands on its own. A hat tip to Ophelia Benson is in order, too, for providing some of the raw material via her blog, as well as M. A. Melby for giving me the platform.]

Who is Christina Hoff Sommers? Let’s start off with one of her former employers, the Independent Women’s Forum, where she once served on the board. Wikipedia offers this summary of them:

The Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) is a politically conservative American non-profit organization focused on policy issues of concern to women. The IWF was founded by activist Rosalie Silberman to promote a “conservative alternative to feminist tenets” following the controversial Supreme Court nomination of Clarence Thomas in 1992.

The group advocates “equity feminism,” a term first used by IWF author…

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How is Libertarian Feminism Different from Other Feminisms?

Actual Factual Feminism


How is Libertarian Feminism Different from Other Feminisms?

No system of government can hope long to survive the cynical disregard of both law and principle which government in America regularly exhibits. Under these circumstances, no legal guarantee of rights is worth the paper it is written on, and the women who rely upon such guarantees to protect them against prejudice and discrimination are leaning on a broken reed.

     –Suzanne LaFollette, Concerning Women

Read more here: http://www.libertarianism.org/columns/how-is-libertarian-feminism-different-other-feminisms


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