Feminist Frequency’s Tropes VS. Women in Video Games

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We are huge fans of Anita Sarkeesian’s work in critiquing the sexism and mysoginy in popular culture in her video blogs Feminist Frequency.

For a little history of the online harassment that Anita experienced when she launched a fundraising campaign for the Tropes VS. Women in Video Games project check out Anita’s blog posts Harassment, Misogyny and Silencing on YouTube and Harassment via Wikipedia Vandalism.

Vlogger and awesome ally Jay Smooth responded to the harassment and violence that Anita was experiencing with this video:

After originally asking for $6000, Anita’s $158,922 with over 6,968 supporters!

Anita presented this Ted Talk about her experience fundraising for the Tropes VS. Women in Video Games project:

In March the first video was posted – Damsels in Distress Part 1:

Here’s Part 2

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Damsels in distress and the dearth of female characters

Reblogged this excellent article-‘Damsels in distress and the dearth of female characters’ [Bennett North)

Bennett North

Today I watched Anita Sarkeesian’s threepartseries on the Damsel in Distress trope in video games. This was part of her series on Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, which was funded by a Kickstarter campaign that became infamous for its backlash against Anita. Some male gamers were so offended by the thought that a woman might talk about sexism in gaming that they threatened to rape and murder Anita, posted her home address online, made a video game where you could “beat the bitch up”, reported her online accounts as spam, etc. In other words, they were so horrified by the thought of a woman talking about sexism that they tried to be as cartoon-villain sexist as physically possible.

The Kickstarter campaign raised $158,922 out of the $6,000 it had been looking for, and that has resulted in some slickly edited, dazzlingly intelligent videos. Anita is a…

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A Voice for Men UK: All Women Are Homophobic (If We Can Just Make Up Our Own Definitions for Words)

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If you ever need proof that Men’s Rights Activists live in a world of their own, check out this, er, argument, found in a posting on A Voice for Men UK, the official British franchise of the American hate site we know so well :

All women are homophobic.

Whether the men being prejudiced against are gay or not is kind of beside the point – after all, ‘homo’ = man, ‘phobia’ = fear, therefore: ‘homophobia’ = Fear of Man – but, if you want to quibble over Greek & Latin etymology, perhaps we can at least agree on this: all women, to a greater or lesser extent, display the ‘symptoms’ we attribute to said condition: overt caution, fear &/or disdain of men.

Yep, that’s right. In order to find an excuse to call women “homophobic,” they’ve invented an entirely new definition for the word not based in any…

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Killed 45 Days after her Wedding: Anshu’s Story


This is the story of 23-year-old Anshu Singh, who on January 25, 2010, was murdered by her husband and in-laws just 45 days after her wedding.  Her story is a grim testimony to the fact that dowry related extortions and murders occur even among the wealthy, educated, and professional sections of Indian society. And among these criminals are officers of law enforcement!

This case is ongoing, and we are in touch with Mr. Girendra Singh, Anshu’s father who had approached the 50MM for support.  This is our flickr discussion and update forum for Anshu’s case. Do add your comments and suggestions if you have any.  As the Singh family presses on for the conviction of Anshu’s killers they are being subject to all kinds of harassment. If you are in Delhi and can be of any help to Mr. Singh’s case, please contact him directly or contact us.

Anshu was…

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Jane Austen and the Rape-Threatening Men

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Thanks! (And thanks again to all who’ve already donated.) Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

So what sorts of things make some men so furious that they feel the need to send women they’ve never met literal death and rape threats on the internet? It doesn’t take much, apparently. A woman suggesting that it’s not such a good idea to hit on women in elevators at 4 AM. A woman making  videos suggesting that there’s sexism in video games. A woman captured on video telling some men to shut the fuck up. A woman complaining about sexist jokes at a tech conference.

Add to this: a woman campaigning successfully to have Jane Austen’s face put on the…

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