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What are we to do when under threat of being found out as unworthy? Believing ourselves to be unworthy, our only choice is between exile, suicide, or madness, since none of us will admit to companions that we are unworthy. After all, those who admit that they are unworthy are certain to be abandoned –an unacceptable fate. Some choose exile, some choose suicide, some choose madness.

But how can we convince others that we are mad? There’s only one way to do this — act-as-ifwe have lost control of our senses or muscles. By pretending to be out of control we convince our companions that we are helpless, believing, as we do, that the helpless are supported while the unworthy are abandoned. It has ever been so that those who cannot support themselves are supported by others, if, that is, they are worthwhile. If not, they…

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