Do Unto Others

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Do Unto Others


John Lord

Authors note. This story won an award for a children’s story written by an adult. It is suitable for kids over 10 and has a moral message. If you have kids print it our or read it to them. You might even enjoy it yourself

Peter Fowler, better known to his friends as Chook, was sitting on the edge of the skateboard ramp with his best friend Justin Jansen. Justin’s nickname was Chase. He had acquired this name because for as long as everyone could re-member Justin always seemed to be chasing after Peter. Ever since kindergar-ten, the boys had been inseparable. Justin was about to turn ten and Peter was eleven. As they sat on the ledge, the older boy noticed that Justin was looking sad. He placed his hand on Justin’s shoulder and asked him what was wrong.

‘I just wish he…

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