The Really Radical Dyslexic Station

January 30, 2013

Violence doesn’t happen in a vacuum. To address and to end violence against women globally, we must consider the factors and circumstances that contribute to it, from the local to the planetary. That’s why V-Day has collected a series of articles for One Billion Rising from some of the great thinkers, activists, voices around the world.

We asked them: How do poverty, economic policy, politics, race, class, the environment and other forces influence violence against women?

Today Derrick Jensen, author of Endgame and The Knitting Circle Rapist Annihilation Squad, examines the tight confines of modern masculinity.

by Derrick Jensen

The man box is full of proof. Except that there is no man box, the man box can never be filled, and real men don’t need proof.

Let’s start with Abraham and Isaac. You know the story. God tells Abraham to slit his child’s throat. Abraham ties up…

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